Thursday, 18 October 2012

Downton Abbey: Episode 5

So I have finally built up the courage to write about last Sunday's episode but first

Well the main reason I haven't updated until now is that I have been way too upset to do anything, especially write about it. I didn't really stop crying for two days and still find myself tearing up, and if you watched it and didn't you are heartless. Sybil was my favourite character ever in anything in terms of that she was a really big role model for me. No-one can deny that she was the only really nice person in the show (except for Tom and maybe Anna) so killing her off was a really horrible thing for Julian Fellowes to do. I mean when I first watched it I was already exhausted because I have to stay up a bit later than I normally do so when it happened I burst into the biggest flood of tears I ever remember having. So maybe she isn't real and Jessica Brown Findley isn't dead but that didn't stop people all over the country crying and it definitely didn't stop me. I couldn't even sleep at all that night because all I could think about was 'No more Sybil, No more Sybil and Branson' NO MORE SYBIL AND TOM AT ALL how could this happen !!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking there would be loads more episodes of them but no, no more AT ALL. I'm so angry right now but there is nothing I can do. Tom's face when he saw her dead just keeps popping into my head, to be honest if it wasn't for him and the baby I would just stop watching right now because next episode I will probably start crying again. I have been in the worst mood all week and haven't been getting much sleep. ITS JUST NOT FAIR.

So there is my rant and I know I didn't mention anything else but thats all I can think about.

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