Thursday, 20 September 2012

Downton Abbey Series 3: Episode 1

To be honest I think I was even more excited about this new series of Downton Abbey, than I was about glee. I was not disappointed. The episode was everything I could of ever dreamt as there was a bit of everything I loved about Downton. Firstly I was ecstatic about the amount of Sybil and Branson in the episode they are no doubt my favourite characters and I thought they were adorable in this episode. I loved how Tom seemed to be slowly but almost surely welcomed into the family helped a lot my Matthew. That is another thing I really loved about the episode the Matthew and Branson (sorry Tom) bromance it was the cutest bromance ever since Dougie and Mark on I'm a Celebrity get me out of here. It was so sweet when Matthew and Tom walked home together saying that they had to stick the together and I squealed with delight when Matthew asked Tom to be his best man SO SWEET.
I HATED Larry and what he did to Tom it really annoyed me and I was so pleased with Sir Anthony for saving the day. I totally ship him and Edith as well. ' Have you done something jolly with your hair '
I thought the wedding was short but sweet and though I find Mary slightly annoying I was happy for the couple and that they were finally together. I thought it very sweet when Tom came down to visit everyone downstairs even if they weren't all that welcoming *cough*Carson*cough.*

Character of the week - Tom
Moment of the week - Anything with Matthew and Tom

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Glee Season 4: Episode 1

Name - The New Rachel

I was really excited about this brand new episode of Glee and got up very early especially to watch it. I did really enjoy the episode and how the characters had grown from the last series. I really liked watching the auditions and thought that Marley Rose was a great new addition to the New Directions.  I thought her version of Adele's chasing pavements was amazing, I already love the song and think she did it justice. I admired how she stood up for her mother in front of all the popular kids and Kitty. I also thought Kitty was a great new addition to the show and agreed with Sue when she said she was like the new Quinn. I found it outrageous yet hilarious when she complained that her iced drink was too cold. I loved how Rachel had grown in this episode and how she made such a great performance of New York State of Mind. I also loved how she broke down at the end and found Kurt across the waterfall (though I found it unrealistic.) I thought Kate Hudson did well as Cassandra and thought that though she was tough that she had a good heart. All in all though my favourite character of the episode was Jake, I thought his performance was spectacular and loved how he was sort of the new Puck. The one thing that I did not like about the episode was the lack of Finn, though I expected it I really missed him and found myself just hoping that he would at least get in touch with Rachel. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the songs were as by the end of the last season I felt they were almost running out of good songs to do but there were a couple of really good songs in the episode.

Character of the Week - 'Just Jake'
Song of the Week - Chasing Pavements
Favorite Part - When Kurt and Rachel were reunited.


I am going to start with a review of the brand new Glee 'The New Rachel,' but first I am going to do an introduction to my blog. This blog is all about TV and will be mostly reviews on TV shows. It will start with mostly Glee and Downton Abby (two of my favourite shows) as the new series them are now coming out, but there will be a bit of everything. So please follow ! My favorite TV shows are Glee, Downton Abby, Friends, Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars, Outnumbered, Miranda, X Factor and America's Next Top Model. I might occasionally also do movie reviews.