Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Downton Abbey : Episode 4

OK so I haven't posted for ages because in the house I am staying in at the moment, while mine is being done up has the worst Internet ever, so by the time I have watched some things the new one is out and my review would be completely out of date.  I have loads to say about recent TV though and decided to start with my favourite Downton Abbey

This Downton Abbey was one of my favourites ever! I was expecting a lot to happen as I watched the "next time" last week and all I really could think about in the week was whats going to happen to Sybil and Branson and to be honest I began completely over thinking it with things like 'he is going to be shot,' and worse. So I can tell you that watching the episode was extremely relieving. Though throughout the episode my mum was saying that she was cross with Tom I disagreed as really he did the right thing and these are the reasons why ... 
1. It was all planned out. It is not like he left her really as they had planned what to do earlier and not following it would have just been confusing.
2. If he had not gone straight away who knows what would have happened and everyone who has watched Downton Abbey knows that Sybil would have been far more upset if something had happened to Tom than her having to travel alone. 
3. Everyone knows that Sybil is strong and had no problem with the plan at all in fact she would have probably been more annoyed if Tom had not thought she could go on her own.
4. So maybe setting a house on fire was slightly drastic but he was fighting for what he believed in and everyone new that was what he believed in so they cant suddenly be cross about it now.

Anyway I should stop now because I've realised all I am really talking about at the moment is Sybil and Branson and people are getting annoyed but I do have to say one more thing. I am really worried that Tom won't be able to bare the humiliation of living at Downton and will go back to Ireland and be killed.
Anyway back to the rest of the episode. I was so upset when Ethel had to give Charlie away especially when Mr Bryant was so unkind to her in fact tears did come to my eyes when she waved him goodbye because its obvious that without Charlie her life has absolutely no purpose and she has no chance. Then I thought (and my thoughts were confirmed by the next time) that the only way for her to be okay again is for Mrs. Hughes to offer her a job at Downton. Edith writing to the newspaper about woman's rights definitely brought a smile to my face as I felt this was exactly what she needed and I loved how she and Sybil both now supported woman's rights, I also think this made Tom a bit happier and at home.

Character of the Week - Ethel
Moment of the Week - When Sybil and Tom were reunited


  1. Great Blog xx but I have to admit even though I love Branson I disagree with you. He was a quite wrong and not really right.