Sunday, 16 September 2012

Glee Season 4: Episode 1

Name - The New Rachel

I was really excited about this brand new episode of Glee and got up very early especially to watch it. I did really enjoy the episode and how the characters had grown from the last series. I really liked watching the auditions and thought that Marley Rose was a great new addition to the New Directions.  I thought her version of Adele's chasing pavements was amazing, I already love the song and think she did it justice. I admired how she stood up for her mother in front of all the popular kids and Kitty. I also thought Kitty was a great new addition to the show and agreed with Sue when she said she was like the new Quinn. I found it outrageous yet hilarious when she complained that her iced drink was too cold. I loved how Rachel had grown in this episode and how she made such a great performance of New York State of Mind. I also loved how she broke down at the end and found Kurt across the waterfall (though I found it unrealistic.) I thought Kate Hudson did well as Cassandra and thought that though she was tough that she had a good heart. All in all though my favourite character of the episode was Jake, I thought his performance was spectacular and loved how he was sort of the new Puck. The one thing that I did not like about the episode was the lack of Finn, though I expected it I really missed him and found myself just hoping that he would at least get in touch with Rachel. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the songs were as by the end of the last season I felt they were almost running out of good songs to do but there were a couple of really good songs in the episode.

Character of the Week - 'Just Jake'
Song of the Week - Chasing Pavements
Favorite Part - When Kurt and Rachel were reunited.